Blade Runner/szechuan Pepper Steam Beer

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Season 4 kicks off with Tyler, Andrew and The Mad Brewer himself, Paul Crowther, watching a sci-fi classic: Blade Runner

This episode sees them talk about Blade Runner... and the BBC classic kids show Byker Grove (think Saved by the Bell, but with Geordie accents, more sex and Geordie accents), as well as a bunch of other topics.

For Ridley Scott's sci-fi classic we made a Szechuan Pepper Steam beer to conjure up the futuristic LA of the year 2019

Blade Runner Pepper Steam Beer

(90 min Mash, 90 Min Boil)


5kg/11lb Vienna Malt

0.5kg/1lb Flaked Corn


56g/2oz Chinook (90 Mins)

28g/1oz Cascade (10 Mins)

28g/1oz Chinook (10 Mins)


22g/0.8oz Szechuan Peppercorn - crushed (5 Mins)


Bohemian Lager Yeast - ferment at ale temperature

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