The Non-Prophets 20.33 2021-08-15 Cynthia McDonald, Teo El Ateo, Jena Miyu, and Nate Smith

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So we talked about how White Evangelicals are still loud and wrong about the vaccines, masks, COVID - 19 and just about everything else. We learned breakthrough infections are definitely real but those who are unvaccinated are feeling the adverse effects of COVID infections worse. We also discussed how people still want to denote standing against racism as what those “woke”, secular people do but we know racism is real and should be fought against. And we learned Jesus is no longer stopping traffic but serving time instead. Segment 1: Shit Internet Apologists Say - Bat Shit Pastors and the People Who Love Them. Link to Main Article: White evangelicals resist COVID-19 vaccine most among religious groups Rick Wiles: People Vaccinated with “Satanic Serum” Gave Me COVID MAGA Cultist Pastor Screams at Church Members: “Do Not Get Vaccinated”This is wildly dangerous. Christian Hate-Preacher: I’m Banning Masks at My Church! “We Will Not Allow It!” White Evangelical Pastors Hesitant to Preach Vaccines SEGMENT 2: Vacc Denial: Delta ain’t gonna help ya Link to Main Article: CDC: 74% infected in Massachusetts COVID-19 outbreak were vaccinated About 99.999% of fully vaccinated Americans have not had a deadly Covid-19 breakthrough case, CDC data shows U.S. COVID Deaths Are Rising Again. Experts Call It A 'Pandemic Of The Unvaccinated' Graham says he has COVID-19 'breakthrough' infection This just in: Racism is STILL a thing! Structural Racism Isn’t Wokeness, It’s Reality McLean Bible Church leaders & members confronted David Platt for bad management including ‘affirmative action’ promotions Is the Bible racist? SEGMENT 4: Strange But True: Jesus is Stopping Traffic ARTICLE LINK/TOPIC: Ex-Traffic Cop Says He's Jesus Cult leader who claims to be reincarnation of Jesus arrested in Russia

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