YBOW63: Lobotomy Season

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We recorded in the morning after caffeinating ourselves, so we were on another level this time. Sage started with some crazy numerology realizations about our friendship, leading us once again to talk about how we may or may not be losing our minds. It's our own personal Hellier!

Sam shared the truly awful but fascinating story of Norwich State Hospital for the Insane. We swear we haven't talked about this one before! It's just another place where they ruined a lot of people's lives, experimenting with bodies and what not. It's also super haunted, what remains of it anyway.

Then It's time to catch these hands... Of knowledge! We revisited the concept of The Entourage Effect and Sage explained how THC, CBD, terpenes, and all of that good stuff can help you feel your best.

Thanks for listening!

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