EP 150 — Robbie Maddison: Jumping Your Limitations

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How has the successor to the legendary Evel Knievel surpassed the master, and died five times along the way?

The incredible Robbie Maddison shares how he confronts his fears by checking in with his soul for guidance before every major stunt as he joins Paul for this landmark 150th Living 4D conversation.

Learn more about Robbie on social media via Facebook and Instagram.

Check out our Living 4D YouTube channel to watch Robbie in action!

Show Notes

  • Learning how to connect mentally and spiritually from Paul to prepared Robbie for his world-record jump New Year’s Eve 2008 in Las Vegas on ESPN. (5:34)
  • A preview of Robbie’s next big stunt challenge with skydiving. (11:35)
  • How Robbie confronts his fears every day. (18:19)
  • Robbie’s challenges of feeling worthy before stunts then reinventing himself afterward. (23:19)
  • The potential life-changing injury that Paul treated for Robbie when doctors wouldn’t. (31:29)
  • Robbie’s death-defying abilities began when he was 16 months old. (39:04)
  • When Paul demanded that God heal him. (43:20)
  • Jumping across a football field… twice. (54:46)
  • The universe chose life partners for Paul and Robbie. (1:00:09)
  • “Every single thing we're doing in life is made possible because somebody else was living their dream.” (1:17:54)
  • Robbie’s greatest fear. (1:23:25)
  • Robbie’s next challenges. (1:48:01)
  • Robbie checks in with his soul before big stunts to see if he’s worthy, even when it looks hard. (1:57:39)
  • Robbie will be launching a YouTube channel to give people looks behind the scenes. (2:13:58)


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