New York Isn’t Dead, & Neither Is Hollywood: Related’s Jeff Blau & Endeavor’s Ari Emanuel

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New York is not dead, according to Jerry Seinfeld, New Yorkers, and real estate mogul Jeff Blau, CEO of Related Companies. Blau discusses the real estate rebounds in NY-based rentals and sales, and shares his outlook for Hudson Yards tenants and Covid safety. CNBC’s Robert Frank shares statistics on the city’s rebound, but flags low subway ridership and office presence as potential obstacles to recovery. Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel talks Hollywood talent and entertainment’s own recovery, from live sporting events to movies and gaming. China’s crackdown on internet companies continues, the markets deliver a stunning bounce back, and the American public may soon be signing up for Covid booster vaccines. Plus, online gambling is breaking new ground--and so is Joe Kernen.

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