How to make weeknights at home great again!

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It's been a weird year, and everyone's routine has changed. We reckon feeling comfortable and happy at home goes a long way to helping us all cope with challenges.

Eating a yum meal at a table that’s set beautifully is a great way to finish the day. So in this episode of At Home with Lauren Keenan we share Lauren's tips to take your table styling up a notch to create a fun and slightly special mid-week dining experience at home.

Plus, we've been ordering meal kits for mid-week dinners for around 5 years because it's a great way to get healthy and tasty food in easy to prepare packs. Olivia Andrews, co-founder and head of culinary at Marley Spoon, joins us to talk about how it works and why meal kit delivery services are booming in the pandemic.

Olivia cooked in Gordon Ramsay's Michelin-starred restaurant in London, she has worked across a range of well-known food cooking shows and magazines, she's a cookbook author and an ambassador for Nutrition Australia's Try For 5 campaign to get us all eating more veggies.

Here are the links for Lauren's Lovely List recommendations in this episode: Buy exclusive Australian-made homewares at Victoria’s; create amazing exterior spaces with the brand new UV and weather resistant outdoor range from caesarstone; and find more Australia-made furniture and homewares in the updated offering from retailer Freedom Furniture.

This episode is supported by leading Sydney real estate agent Ercan Ersan, who you can trust to connect you with the property that's right for your lifestyle.

Get in touch if you have a topic you want us to talk about on the podcast. Same goes if you want to hire Lauren to help create your perfect home, from a room refresh to a renovation or new build - check out her work at And thanks for listening!

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