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This week our internet-nieces, Ella & Kenzie, were Eve’in on the podcast as our girl SJR struggled to stay afloat by the skin of her wig—but that’s ALRIGHT! Grab ya diving suit because deep.sea.rescues.lie.ahead AND prep for a #PraiseBreak as W.E. hail everyone out here “doing it for the culture”! Sis, SJR has advice for separating performance (what W.E. do) from identity (who W.E. are) & charting new territory in self-evolution! For the snack, she contends that you freely listen to gain perspective from those who are anointed to speak into your life. Then, lean into your soul and freely listen to what the heart is saying. This episode is supported by Olay Body + + Hey YOU, let’s freely worship 1:1 with God this Saturday (6/26) over brunch + Watch LIVE next week as W.E. top off the podcast SZN! FB: Woman Evolve YT: Sarah Jakes Roberts

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