043 - Meet our members: join us for a live vegan business networking session

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Sit in on a recording from one of our vegan businesses networking meetups! A huge part of building a successful vegan business is connecting with other business people who share the same ethics and who are on the same mission as you are.

In this episode, we bring you a live recording of a recent VBT networking meet-up where 30 of our members will introduce themselves and their vegan businesses to you. We hold these networking meet-ups twice a month, and if you would like to find out how to be at our next one just email David on hello@veganbusinesstribe.com to find out more.

In this session, we are joined by (in order of speaking):

  • Steve Hutchins - Do Good Dog Food (www.wearedogood.co.uk)
  • Michaela Lincoln Meltzer - Arbonne (www.michaelameltzer.arbonne.com)
  • Dana Burton - Vegan Kids (www.vegan-kids.org)
  • Sabrina Lee - The Impact Agency & LinkedIn Training (www.theimpactagency.org)
  • Gabriella Rubin - VegMi Vegan Vending Machines (www.vegmi.store)
  • Aurellia Cammock - VegMi Vegan Vending Machines (www.vegmi.store)
  • Donna Zeigfinger - Green Earth Travel (www.greenearthtravel.com)
  • Dr Elisa Beth Haransky-Beck - Enlivening Consciousness (www.enliveningconsciousness.com)
  • Jay Bharj - Root Minerals Natural Make-up Range (www.rootminerals.com)
  • Kevin Newall - Humane Wildlife Solutions (www.humanewildlifesolutions.co.uk)
  • Nina Fogden - Nina Creates Online (www.instagram.com/ninacreatesonline)
  • Karen Lee - The Sensitive Foodie (www.thesensitivefoodiekitchen.com)
  • Kayleigh Nicolaou - Kakadu Creative (www.kakaducreative.com)
  • Sadie Millermaggs - Vegan Interior Designer (slmillermaggs.wixsite.com/website)
  • Delia Bonfilio - Bonfilio Design (www.bonfiliodesign.com)
  • Paul Turcotte - Passion Placement (www.passionplacement.com) / New Earth Partners (www.newearthpartners.com)
  • Tess Seward - Sweeter Life (www.sweeterlife.co.uk)
  • Ania Wojtkowska - Living Veggie by Ania (www.livingveggiebyania.com)
  • Lisa Fox - Vegan Business Tribe (www.veganbusinesstribe.com)
  • John Beske - Vegan Street Media (www.veganstreetmedia.com)
  • Coral Sirett - Zest Health (www.zest-health.com)
  • Mitali Deypurkaystha - Let's Tell Your Story Publishing (www.letstellyourstory.com)
  • Annette and Graham Henry - Henry & Henry (www.henryandhenryeu.com)
  • Ellie Busby - Vojo Health (www.vojo.health)
  • Laxmi Owczarek - Visual Synapsis (www.visualsynapses.co.uk)
  • Matt O'Hara - Mattioli Woods (www.mattioliwoods.com)
  • Ali Buck - Fitpack (www.fitpack.io)
  • Victoria Carpenter - Happy Carrot Skincare (www.happycarrotskincare.com)

About Vegan Business Tribe

Hosted by Vegan Business Tribe co-founder, David Pannell. Lisa & David have worked with some of the largest high-street brands and food manufacturers to help them understand and connect with the vegan marketplace. David is also the official UK agent for The Vegan Society's Vegan Trademark and Lisa writes the monthly business column in Vegan Food & Living - the biggest vegan print publication in the UK.

Vegan Business Tribe is where they give back with weekly content, seminars, business clinics, networking events, mentoring and online courses to help you create a successful vegan business. If you want to go beyond the podcast and connect with our community of like-minded vegan entrepreneurs or get support from Lisa & David, then head over to www.veganbusinesstribe.com where you will be welcomed with open arms!

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