Saddle Sores- What Are They? How to Prevent Them? How to Treat Them?

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What I want to talk about today is called saddle sores. I'm not talking about a horse in the saddle, I'm talking about an injury or a concern that some cyclists get. The seat of a bike is called a saddle.

If you ride for a long period of time, you have an intimate relationship with the saddle and what's between your legs.

Oftentimes people get what's called saddle sores, little bumps, they can be the size of a pimple. They can progress to a massive abscess.

I personally can attest to the fact that these are one of the most frustrating and uncomfortable ailments that you can get as a cyclist or a triathlete.

  • Episode Highlights:
  • What are saddle sores?
  • Types of saddle sores
  • How to avoid saddle sores when cycling
  • How to treat saddle sores
  • My personal and painful experience with saddle sores
Honeybutt Chamois Cream- as mentioned in episode

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