JONES DAY TALKS®: A False Sense of Security: Cyber Disclosure Obligations for Public Contractors

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Cybersecurity threats remain a constant concern for every business and organization, regardless of size, location, or industry. The stakes relating to possible litigation, financial repercussions, and reputational risk, are high.

In this second episode of “A False Sense of Security”, Jones Day Talks‘ series of programs focusing on legal issues that arise in connection with cybersecurity requirements and representations, Jeff Rabkin, Jamila Hall, and Grayson Yeargin discuss the special considerations confronting public sector contractors relative to cyber threats and data breaches. They talk about what can trigger a mandatory disclosure under a public sector contract, consequences and practical considerations regarding disclosures, and False Claims Act decisions concerning cybersecurity issues.

The conversation concludes with a look at President Biden’s May 2021 Executive Order on Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity.

Read the full transcript on the Jones Day website.

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