Episode 468 | "I Thought We Had Him"

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The day has come. Drake drops the highly anticipated "Certified Lover Boy" and Joe is in peak form yet again, breaking down the album as only he could. Highlighting his admiration for Drake's destinations-themed songs (7:50) and even retracts some of his past hate (22:10). He also challenges Drake to never rap with certain artists again, a deep dive on "7am on Bridle Path" (1:00:20), and a debate on how to properly rank the top tier artists catalogue to their previous works (1:57:00). The crew also give an early prediction on Fat Joe and Ja Rule's upcoming Verzuz (2:26:20), JAY-Z's verse on CLB (2:49:10) and MORE!

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Sleeper Picks

Joe | Omar Wilson - “Secret Garden” (Extended Mix) Ft. Sisqó, Shawn Stockman & Raheem DeVaughn

Ice | BIG30 - “No Hospital Gang”

Parks | J. Arrr - “Growth” (Ft. Elzhi)

Ish | Quincy Jones - “The Secret Garden” (Ft. Barry White, Al B. Sure!, James Ingram & El DeBarge

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