SSN Ep.21 - DIscussing 'Swimming With Kingsie' and 'Square But Round'

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Hey all.

Not gon' lie, as far as editing goes, I phoned this fucker right IN. LOL. Sorry about any of the weird noises in the background that you may or may not hear (tree frogs chirping, an alarm going off). I'm still trying to get situated in my new role and new apartment, and...shit takes time, knowwhattImean?


In this episode you will find...!

Dana and I making thinly veiled suggestions to two gentlemen that are BOTH AMAZING and EPIC about...nothing in particular. Not giving up on you two. *shrug*

Talk about other podcasts starting live shows back up

Dissing the GOP, because they blow my asshole HORRIBLY

Discussing the episodes!

Hope all of you out there are maxing and relaxing, chilling all cool - I know I'm trying. Peace out brook trouts -Dawn and Dana

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