Supreme Court Upholds Abortion Ban: We Will Fight Back!

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On today's "In the News" roundtable, Brian Becker, Esther Iverem, Nicole Roussell and Walter Smolarek discuss how a Texas law has destroyed abortion rights for 16 million women and girls and is being used by right-wing political forces as a model for the rest of the country -- but a new fightback movement is taking shape. They also discuss the end of key pandemic relief programs, the aftermath of Hurricane Ida, important victories won by the struggle against the racist murders of Elijah McClain and Ahmaud Arbery, and more. Please make an urgently-needed contribution to The Socialist Program by joining our Patreon community at We rely on the generous support of our listeners to keep bringing you consistent, high-quality shows. All Patreon donors of $5 a month or more are invited to join the monthly Q&A seminar with Brian.

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