Ep 46 | Michael Irvin on Monday Night Football? | Twitter Executes Brian Kelly | Harmony Talks Sexy

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Whitlock and sportswriter Steve Kim discuss whether Michael Irvin and Stephen A. Smith belong on "Monday Night Football." “Fearless” columnist Greg Couch roasts ESPN’s Chris Fowler for giving Brian Kelly groupthink. What does criticism of the Notre Dame coach say about the state of journalism? Delano Squires discovers a new Willie Lynch letter. How is the liberal treatment of the black community much the same as the slaveholders of old? The hosts of “Cross Politic” join Jason on a special Tennessee Harmony and explain how politics has turned sexual. What do the phrases “sexual Gnosticism” and “Marx in the bedroom” really mean? Jason starts a fire regarding the NAACP’s “Rest in Power” tribute to “The Wire’s” Michael K. Williams. Plus, Uncle Jimmy imitates Michael Irvin, the First Take-maker.

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