Chapter 106

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Chapter One Hundred and Fix - Fix Geefe A Flying - It's approaching 7pm on the 12th September 2021 and Richard is finally forced to confront the allegations that are flying around the stone clearing world and which you've probably seen mention of on stone clearing message boards or rival stone clearing podcasts (mentioning no names, Brian Bramble). Hopefully you will not judge him too harshly, for he is but a man, with a man's knees. He certainly doesn't let it get in the way of some sublime stone clearing tonight, with a rich seam of new stones revealed and after the harsh Ftone Summer Winter, the first glimpse of Ftone Fpring before Ftone Autumn gives way to proper Ftone Winter. The Feafonf are different out here. It's a clear without FF interference, so just enjoy the stones and the geese and forget about whatever rumours you've heard.

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