Trance Empyrean 039 by Auralight [feat. JAK AGGAS]

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Strap yourselves in for Trance Empyrean 039 because it's going to be a wild one. In this episode we have tunes from the likes of John O'Callaghan, Steve Dekay, Ronski Speed, Metta & Glyde, Lab4, Mickey Marr, as well as a guest mix from returning super star Jak Aggas representing the NextGen Artist agency. 'Share' / 'Repost' and 'Like' now, then download or stream! WEBSITE: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: BROADCAST TIMES: [2 HOUR SHOWS] 6 Sep // TRANCE ENERGY BELFAST // 19H00-21H00 (UTC+1) 7 Sep // DIGITALLY IMPORTED TRANCE // 22H00-00H00 (UTC+2) 8 Sep // DANCE ATTACK FM // 18H00-20H00 (UTC+1) ? // ICE RADIO DUBLIN // 21H00-23H00 (UTC+1) BROADCAST TIMES: [XL SHOWS] 3 Sep // MUTHA FM // 21H00-23H00 (UTC+2) 3 Sep // VIBEZ.LIVE // 21H00-00H00 (UTC+2) TRACKLIST: UPLIFTING & VOCAL: 1. The Conductor & The Cowboy Feat. Aero - Here On My Own Again (Genzuru Remix) [PREMIER LEAGUE RECORDINGS] 2. Genzuru - Apex [LETHAL SHOTS] 3. EnerLift - Awakening [BEYOND THE STARS RECORDINGS] 4. Roman Messer feat. Joe Jury - The River [SUANDA MUSIC] 5. N.Pour - Inception [REDUX MAGIC] 6. Dennis Sheperd & Sarah Russell - When Our Worlds Collide (John O'Callaghan Remix) [BLACK HOLE RECORDINGS] 7. Adip Kiyoi & Roxanne Emery - Embers (Steve Dekay Remix) [SUANDA MUSIC] 8. Cederquist - We Are Skydancers (Escea Remix) [NAHAWAND RECORDINGS] 9. Ronski Speed & Exouler - Lumiria [SUANDA TRUE] 10. Heaven's Cry - Til Tears Do Us Part (Sam Storey Remix) JAK AGGAS GUEST MIX: 11. ID-ID 12. Jak Aggas - Bish Bash Bosh [Regenerate Records] 13. Jak Aggas - Skyrim [WAO138?!] 14. ID-ID 15. Jak Aggas - Greyson [FSOE] HARDER, PURER, FASTER: 16. Bastille - Pompeii (Liam Melly Remix) 17. Scorch Felix - Altered State [FREQUENT RECORDS] 18. Richard Tanselli, Mickey Marr - Got That [NOCTURNAL KNIGHTS FUSION] 19. Metta & Glyde - Primal Fear [OUTBURST TWILIGHT] 20. Reverse - The Movement [KINECTED RECORDINGS] 21. Kriess Guyte - Cinematic [HQ RECORDINGS] 22. Melvin Sheppard & Tone Leigh - Walker [RADIATION RECORDINGS] 23. Lab4 - Reformation 2/021 (Nick The Kid Remix) [HTE RECORDINGS] 24. Jody 6 - Rabbit Hole [NOCTURNAL KNIGHTS FUSION] 25. D-Sigual - Back Order (Lee Greenaway Remix) [HTE RECORDINGS] -------- BEATPORT PURCHASE OF INDIVIDUAL TRACKS------------------ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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