Odds On: Champions League Matchday 1 | Wednesday | Free Football Betting Tips, Picks & Predictions

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Champions League betting tips, picks and predictions for the 2021/22 season from Oddspedia. We’ve got the best betting picks and insight ahead of the group games at Matchday 1 for the Champions League this week.

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Eduardo Siles is very well supported by Alvaro Romeo and Daniele Fisichella who are our experts in football and betting. They will be guests of Odds On every week to preview, discuss, analyse and dissect every fixture of this season’s Champions League. Alvaro and Dani are also on hand to provide betting tips, odds, picks and predictions.

For all the latest Champions League odds, head to https://oddspedia.com/football/europe... where you’ll find everything you need to secure your best bet.

Wednesday 15/09: Besiktas vs Dortmund (6:45 pm CET), Sheriff Tiraspol vs Shakhtar Donetsk (6:45 pm CET), Atletico Madrid vs Porto (9:00 pm CET), Club Brugge vs PSG (9:00 pm CET), Inter vs Real Madrid (9:00 pm CET), Liverpool vs AC Milan (9:00 pm CET), Manchester City vs RB Leipzig (9:00 pm CET), Sporting vs Ajax (9:00 pm CET)

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