Episode 125: Ready for Ragnarok

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In the 125th episode of Otaku Brothers, Ryan kicks off the show telling all kinds of weird stories, specifically about riots over Runescape and towing vehicles without permission. It’s just THAT kind of episode. Then, the Gents discuss the highlights from the recent PlayStation Conference! To end the show, Rusty shares his impressions and concluding thoughts on 2018’s God of War, both spoiler-free and spoiler-filled. Enjoy the episode!

Time Stamps:

0:00 – 17:11 – Usual Life Happenings

17:12 – 57:23 – PlayStation Conference Highlights/Impressions

57:24 – 1:14:54 – What He’s Playing – Ryan

1:14:55 – 1:31:13 – What He’s Playing – Rusty

1:31:14 – 1:53:18 – God of War Discussion (Spoiler-free)

1:53:19 – 2:26:39 – God of War Discussion (SPOILERS!)

2:26:40 – 2:34:24 – Closing Remarks

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Rusty's Twitter – https://twitter.com/relewis2011

Ryan's Twitter – https://twitter.com/DarthCole72

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