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We are talking with a special guest this week, Caitlin Kemp, all about what to keep and what to ditch from virtual learning. Caitlin is an Ontario secondary educator with a wealth of experience from virtual teaching last year, and is starting this school year face-to-face again.
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  • Caitlin Kemp: ON Educator, Virtual Teacher last year
  • What to keep from virtual learning:
  • Advice to new teachers:
    • Ask for help, don't be afraid to ask! Share resources #BetterTogether
    • Find a mentor willing to help you
    • Learn how to best leverage your technology - figure out what works best for you or your learners
    • Fill your toolbox with your core set of tech tools and stick with routines
  • Building connections virtually:
    • Provide help as much as possible
    • Make yourself visible
    • Check in often, provide opportunities for drop ins
  • Recommended Tech Tools:
  • What to ditch from virtual learning:
    • Go from virtual back to paper when it makes sense
    • What do you do with small group collaboration in person? Google Meet with breakout rooms solved this in virtual
      • Possible solutions: turn and talk, Google Chat, go outside
  • Virtual schools going forward?
    • Yes - provides a safe space, alternative learning model
    • Need to consider accessibility, physical building, virtual learning hub for hands on learning
  • Biggest Takeaway:
    • Make space for building community and wellness
    • Be a place and a safe person for your students

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