How do I Overcome the Fears Around the Growth in My Business?

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#1188 Today we're talking with Stephanie Taylor from the UK. She and her sister have a business together at That's essentially a way to rent a property from a landlord, then rent it out again. She and her sister teach others how to do this through their course and membership program. Things are starting to take off, but Stephanie is wondering: Now that we're here, how do we get to the next level? When you find a little success online, you might find yourself facing an even bigger challenge than the one that it took for you to get started. Now that you're making money, how do you make sure you don't lose it? How do you grow and scale the business? You have more options now, but you're faced with a fork in the road. How do you make the right decisions and avoid burnout or regret? How do you overcome the fear of success and growth because you're not mentally ready or don't know what to expect? All great questions we're going to tackle today! We uncover a lot of great things here, including how to get past some of the tricky psychology around making money, and we find some strategies to help Stephanie—and perhaps you—move forward. Show notes and more at

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