The Path of Madelyn Mickelberry Morris of Mickelberry Gardens: Plants, Pollinators, & Passion

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This episode is a conversation I had back in February (before the world went bizarro) with Madelyn Mickelberry Morris of Mickelberry Gardens. We both share a passion for plant medicine; on our separate herbal paths, our passions organically grew into our respective businesses with all the twists and turns that involves. But we stick close to source, remembering why we are here in the first place: to share nature’s medicine with the People! We talk about all sorts of great things including some of our favorite plant friends and books. We share some really practical information on how a plant becomes a healthy, usable product and ways you can get started in your own kitchen, on your own herbalist’s path. As Madelyn says, “You always have friends when you’re friends with the plants.”

Mickelberry Gardens is the vision of husband and wife team, Matt and Madelyn, who started backyard beekeeping in Portland back in 2007. When Madelyn discovered that she was extremely sensitive to honeybee stings, their growing apiary moved to Troutdale where, within a year, Matt was working with 20 hives.

Madelyn was already interested in garden medicine, medicinal plants, and home remedies. Her passion started with sustainable food production (because growing your own food is just cool!), then shifted to garden education (because more people feeding each other is even cooler!). Chance encounters with medicinal plants shifted her focus toward herbal medicine so she began experimenting with making infused honeys, beeswax salves, and other herbal products made with their own beeswax and honey. They officially started their business in 2011 and launched with a single farmer’s market booth in Portland’s Montavilla neighborhood. The response was hugely positive! In our second year, they did 12 different farmers markets all over the city, rented a larger kitchen space, and started selling a wholesale line to naturopathic clinics and cooperative groceries, as well as opening an online store.

Today, Mickelberry continues to craft a variety of different healing remedies using raw honey, propolis, beeswax, bee pollen, and medicinal plants. They raise bees in several yards and farms, and work with other beekeepers and farmers to source the finest Pacific Northwest ingredients available. They continue to craft unique honey tonics and beeswax-based skin care in Portland, Oregon.

Remember, different bodies react to herbs in different ways, so find out what works for you maybe with the help of a certified herbalist or naturopathic practitioner.

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