YHS on Monster Island - A Very Special Episode: King Kong Lives (Jake vs. Jay)

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In a YHS Universe first, the two hosts of YHS on Monster Island - "The Tattooed Titan of Tokusatsu" Jacob Walsh and "The Mayor of Toku Toy Town" Jay Key - go head-to-head (kinda) as they both review 1986's KING KONG LIVES in isolation from one another (probably in that damn bunker in Georgia with Lady Kong). They don't know what each other thinks of the film - so you, loyal and valued listener, get to see if they are truly in sync like they tend to be on the show...or if this will result in a schism that their personal and professional friendship cannot withstand. Tune in to find out that and, at the end of the day, it's a movie with alligator-eating apes, giant artificial hearts, drunk rednecks, Linda Hamilton, glorious '80's feathered hair, and a bold cinematic choice from Director John Guillermin that involves a frog. It's King Kong Lives!!!

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