Our Conversation with April Eden! (aka Trish and Chair Model Lady!)

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Oh my, do we have a true TREAT for you today! Today we talk to the lovely, intelligent, wonderful April Eden who plays Trish in the Beauty Pageant, Chair Model in the Office AND TECHNICALLY she is a Parks employee (through Griffith Observatory of course)! She is also an incredible scientist, tour guide (once she goes back to LA she'll be doing that in person, go see her!), and hopefully a NASA Ambassador!!!! We talk at length about Parks of course but also pivots in life, careers and doing what you truly want no matter what other people are telling you. Not everything is for everyone, do what's best for you!
PLEASE follow her YouTube and Facebook to ask all sorts of science questions and please keep your fingers crossed for April to get the NASA job! If anyone has contacts there, HELP US OUT!!!!!! Thank you April, we thoroughly enjoyed chatting and learning with you!
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