SSN Ep. 27 - Talking about 'Cronkite, Brokaw, Ben Arnold' as well as IoT Season 3 Premiere 'Hedwig Comes with Me'

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Good morning / afternoon / evening all!

I humbly apologize for my lack of talkage during this episode, but my ass was tired after getting three hours of sleep due to work last night, as well as work during the day today. But y'know, shit happens and all that!

In this episode, we discuss...!

The AudioVerse Awards voting and how much of a straight up TRAVESTY it was that Mission to Zyxx didn't get a nomination (For realsies, what the Juck?!?)

The unauthorized claiming of the Girl in Space podcast by some motherfucking TOOLBAG

The episodes themselves!

I hope everyone out there in the Void of the interwebs is doing well. Until next time. - Dawn and Dana

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