Episode 98: The What On Earth Institute of Wonder / My Brother Ben / The Magic of Magnolia Moon / Shadowghast / Andy Griffiths Interview

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Today on Middle Grade Mavens, Pamela reviews, "The What On Earth Institute of Wonder," by Lisa Nichol, and "My Brother Ben," by Peter Carnavas, and Julie reviews, "The Magic of Magnolia Moon," by Edwina Wyatt, and "Shadowghast," by Thomas Taylor. Plus Andy Griffiths stops in for an interview about his latest book with Terry Denton, "The 143 Story Treehouse." Links and Websites: The What on Earth Institute of Wonder by Lisa Nicol | 9781761041556 | Booktopia Lisa's Website: Lisa Nicol – Children's author My Brother Ben by Peter Carnavas | 9780702263330 | Booktopia Peter's Website: Books – Peter Carnavas The Magic of Magnolia Moon, Magnolia Moon by Edwina Wyatt | 9781760652722 | Booktopia Edwina's Website: Home : Edwina Wyatt Shadowghast, An Eerie-on-Sea Mystery by Thomas Taylor | 9781406386301 | Booktopia Thomas's Website: Blog - Thomas Taylor - Author / IllustratorThomas Taylor — Author / Illustrator | Thomas Taylor writing about his books. The 143-Storey Treehouse by Andy Griffiths | 9781760786236 | Booktopia Andy's Website: About | Andy Griffiths To learn more about the Mavens, head on over to https://www.middlegradepodcast.com Or to find Julie online drop by https://www.julieannegrassobooks.com And for Pamela online find her at https://www.ueckerman.net Have a question or comment? Email us at mavens@middlegradepodcast.com To learn what books are in the pipeline, follow us on Instagram Middle Grade Mavens (@middle_grade_mavens_podcast) • Instagram photos and videos --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/middlegrademavens/message

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