Ep. 88 - Chris Plumb - Excellence = Courage + Perseverance

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Chris Plumb was an All-American swimmer at Indiana University and is now the Head Coach of Carmel Swim Club & Carmel High School Swim Team. He is a recipient of the National Team Coach of the Year award and has his own podcast titled, Off the Deck.

Under his coaching, he has lead the girls' swim team to 34 straight state championships and the boys' team to 19 state championships, making Carmel High School the first team in 20 years to have both teams in the National Championships. In this episode, Plumb recounts his time coaching Drew Kibler and Jake Mitchell, two of his alumni-turned-Olympians.

  • 6:55 Coaching an Olympic Spirit.
  • 12:36 What coaches are really trying to do.
  • 13:09 A relentless refusal to quit.
  • 16:00 A focus born out of doubt.
  • 18:02 What’s your standard? That’s where you rise.
  • 20:06 The magic talisman.
  • 22:51 No fear vs. bravery.
  • 24:14 Great coaching is not by accident.
  • 28:40 What excellence requires.
  • 31:38 The best athletes take ownership.
  • 34:37 “Success leaves clues.”
  • 38:01 The outcomes of accepting limitations.
  • 40:38 Instant gratification and sport today.
  • 42:25 From the MCAT to coaching.
  • 45:31 Relationships and the innate drive to help.
  • 49:22 What great coaches understand.
  • 50:50 Advice for parents.

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