Halloween Special - Midnight Mass: Contemplative Horror Done Right?

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In this episode, podcast hosts Sanjeet and Dhruv invite frequent guest and collaborator Aryan to monologue their way through Mike Flanagan's latest, most personal project, "Midnight Mass." They briefly discuss Flanagan's filmography and his brand of "art-house meets mainstream" horror that sets him apart from his contemporaries. Championing his patient approach to storytelling and his little (to no) reliance on traditional jump-scares, all three applaud the director for pushing these tendencies to new extremes in his latest series that sharply critiques organized religion's dogmatic principles. *spoiler warning*: 16:45 onwards Do hit 'Follow' on Spotify if you haven't already to help the podcast reach more people! Follow our Instagram page: https://instagram.com/queenisdead.filmpodcast Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/queenisdead/support Follow us on Letterboxd at- https://letterboxd.com/aterminalcinema/ https://letterboxd.com/Sanjeet_Singh/ https://letterboxd.com/aryantalksfilms/ Sponsorships: on for this episode --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/queenisdead/support

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