Episode 12: Freethought “Zines,” Poetry, Small-R Republicans, and More, with Dr. Clare Stainthorp

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In this episode, Nathan and Todd are joined by Dr. Clare Stainthorp, an expert in atheism and freethought in nineteenth-century Britain. We talk about Clare’s exploration of the brief but amazing life of freethinking scientist/poet Constance Naden. We draw links between freethought and radical politics, and also make connections between the way freethinkers created community in the past and ‘zine culture. Another amazing and insightful hour!

Follow Clare on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ClareGS87

Clare’s book, Constance Naden: Scientist, Philosopher, Poet:


Clare’s article on Constance Naden’s life: https://dangerouswomenproject.org/2016/11/11/3646/

Nineteenth-Century Religion, Literature and Society: Disbelief and New Beliefs, co-edited by Clare Stainthorp and Naomi Hetherington: https://www.routledge.com/Nineteenth-Century-Religion-Literature-and-Society-Disbelief-and-New-Beliefs/Hetherington-Stainthorp/p/book/9781138572850

For more on freethinkers and feminism in the nineteenth century, see Laura Schwartz’s Infidel Feminism: Secularism, Religion and Women's Emancipation, England 1830–1914: https://manchesteruniversitypress.co.uk/9780719085826/

Information from the Secular Coalition on the upcoming American Supreme Court decision in the Fulton v. City of Philadelphia case, which has important implications religious organization’s ability to discriminate on grounds of sexual orientation, marital status, religion, etc.: https://www.decisionday.org/

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