What is Autocross?

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Whether you’re a seasoned cone-dodger, new to the sport, or just thinking about trying autocross, we hope you will find something valuable in our Upstate New York Autocross podcasts. Our objective is to provide information on autocross in general with an emphasis on autocross activity in Upstate New York. The majority of the information in this episode will apply to autocross events anywhere in the United States.
This is episode one. In this episode we will briefly look at the various ways to have fun with cars in Upstate NY – including autocross, then spend most of the podcast detail what autocross is, and finally let you know where you can participate in autocross in Upstate NY and how to sign up for an event.
This episode, together with episode 2 "What to Expect at your First Autocross", should form a solid foundation for anyone wanting to try autocross. Future episodes will cover various aspects of the spot in some detail and will assume the listener is familiar with autocross.

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