Celebrating Sisterhood w/ Yasmine Julmisse

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Conference week got us like—W.E.’re a movement by ourselves, but W.E.’re a force when W.E.’re together! Yaaasss, Delegation, YOU make us better! Sooo, link up November 5th & 6th? Alright, bet! This week catch us clappin' it up for the homie, Yasmine Julmisse, whose testimony is finna edify you, Sis! Press PLAY to hear how Yasmine is keepin' it a buck with SJR to discuss comparison as the enemy of contentment, how scripture is filled with divine intention, & a bite-size snack for the single ladies! The bestie SJR gives advice on starting in ministry where God has presently positioned you & issa word! Our boss babes can start their business journey FREE for 14 days at shopify.com/womanevolve! Plus, there's still time to register or simply partner with us in prayer for womanevolve.com/conference21!

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