The Lightning Round Podcast#236: The “Storyteller Series" with Shawne Merriman

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The Lightning Round Podcast premieres their new “Storyteller Series” with special guest Shawne Merriman. This podcast is an audio experience with sound bites and effects to accompany Shawne Merriman’s stories through out the show. “Lights Out” talks about the current state of the Chargers before they transition into the “Storyteller” portion of the show where Merriman shares stories about:

  • The impact of his high school coach
  • How he got his nickname “Lights Out”
  • Almost being drafted before the Chargers selection
  • Going against Lorenzo Neal for the first time as a rookie
  • Shaun Phillips celebration
  • Clubbing with Stephen Cooper
  • His stint with the WWE
  • His favorite story involving LaDainian Tomlinson

...and much more

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