The Non-Prophets 20.45 11-07-2021 Nate Smith, Puck, Teo El Ateo, and Secular Rarity

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This episode is truly LIT! Nate Smith leads the show, Mateo and Secular Rarity argue over best hair, and Puck returns to the Non-Prophets’ hosting seat. The panel opens up a talk on recent news out of Ghana where the Archbishop of Canterbury criticizes a proposed bill encouraging increased penalties against the LGBT community. Special NP Recap involving more instances of African Pastors performing resurrection acts and fatally losing their lives because of it. The conversation takes a deep dive into the continuing dysfunction surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Latest “S**t Internet Apologists Say” conspiracy theorist Rick Wiles claims the American government is using the COVID-19 vaccine to impregnate its’ citizens with parasitic eggs in order to amass an uncivil “evil cabal” … We wish we were making this s**t up.

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