Pete Springer Winner Of The 1973 Baja 1000

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80-year-old Pete Springer has been traveling to Baja for over 60 years. As a spectator, he attended the 1969 Mexican 1000, raced a home-built single-seater in 1970, and won his class in the 1973 Baja 1000.

He shares tales from his many years of Baja adventures in this conversation. Highlights include; driving a 1940 Dodge Flatbed to Bahia de Los Angeles, running out of gas while flying a small plane and landing on the road near Santa Rosalia, crashing his motorcycle in a pitch dark desert, and building off-road racecars through seat-of-the-pants engineering and a lot of trial-and-error.

I recorded this podcast initially in January 2020 --my second podcast! As I head out to cover the 2021 Baja 1000, I am pleased to share this freshly remastered version again.

Check out Pete Springer's writings here.

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