The Ohio Deer Herd with Mike Tonkovich

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The rut is in full swing, but the boys are swinging and missing. Corey spent an entire day away from his family to see 1 deer every 6.25 hours. Paul and Andrew made a trip to an OHLAP property. Beautiful property, bad hunters. Andrew was able to put some more meat in the freezer with another doe, because you know, who shoots does during the rut??? The expert today, is Mike Tonkovich, of the Ohio Division of Wildlife. Mike has been the state deer biologist for 26 years. The conversation only covers the tip of the ice berg in relation to white tail issues in the state of Ohio. Look for Mike again down the road where we can dive deep in to topics like CWD, Habitat, Herd Management and much more. Enjoy the conversation, and good luck in the woods!

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