#21: Diabetes and Osteoporosis w/ Dr. Beverly Yates + BoneCoach™

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In this interview with Dr. Beverly Yates, we explore diabetes, its impact on the body, and how it can affect your bones and contribute to osteoporosis.
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Topics Covered
: What's your story? How did you get into this field?
5:17: What is diabetes, what are the different types, and what causes it?
8:50: When people hear the words insulin resistance, what does that mean?
10:53: What are the contributors to diabetes? Is it just rising blood sugar?
13:37: What are some of the complications that come with diabetes?
16:25: Why is it that diabetes and blood sugar issues might impact osteoporosis?
18:27: How do fatigue and lower energy play into osteoporosis?
19:58: How do diabetes and blood sugar swings (especially while someone is sleeping) affect the quality of their sleep?
22:23: What do blood sugar swings look like throughout the day?
27:40: What is the Yates protocol?
29:45: How can people find your work?
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