Abyssinia Rise!

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The Semi-Americans Podcast is delighted to present a collaboration with GetFact ET. We will be starting a new series dedicated to the ongoing conflict in Ethiopia. Episode 1 of the series includes a speech performed by a GetFact ET member at the Nov 8th, 2021, protests in Washington DC. Over 5,000 Ethiopians and Eritreans gathered to protest against the failed policy aims of the Biden administration. A special song follows the recorded speech. Stay tuned for future episodes that will provide truthful information as we break down the context and current events.
Abyssinia, a country in the eye of God.
Origin of human kind.
Our forefathers sacrificed.
Kept the black nation independent and united.
Now yearning hope.
For Emma (Mother) Ethiopia’s existence.
King Tewodros from Qwara.
Gave his life at the battle of Magdala.
He said no to invader. And died with honor.
Now traitor
Rebels from the north.
Marching to the south.
Murdering brothers.
Through Magdala mountains.
Where king sacrificed for our unity.
For Abyssinia sovereignty.
Now, children are helpless.
Mothers are victims.
Because of power hungry rebels.

Yet the world is deceived by misinformation.
Deaf to the voices of the million Abyssinians.
Ethiopia, has a place in the eye of God.
Support the people because It’s a promise land.
Emma Abyssinia Rise

King Menelik, a black man.
Brought victory to African.
Once told the unfathom.
But gave a wave of freedom.
To Jah, Mandela, Nkrumah, King and Lumumba.
Now Emma Ethiopia is yearning for you.
To be united for her rescue.
Emamma Ethiopia Rise
Africa Rise!

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