EPISODE 25: Wallaby Therapy Session

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It's been one of those weeks, hell months, if you're a Wallaby fan. Within hours of that devastating loss in Cardiff to Wales we pour a glass of whiskey, press record and let it all out. The Welsh loss, the TMO, the Spring Tour, the Giteau Law, 2021, everything. We ask how the Wallabies have performed, where do we want to see them go from here and what questions the administration has to start answering.
To help us out we talk with our very own rugby agony aunt Mitch "Rev" Evans from the Rugby Fixation podcast. We try to make sense of whether Dave Rennie is settling on his best Wallaby selections and whether we can still be on track for a run at the William Webb Ellis Cup in 2023. Matt gives it a yay or nay on borderline Wallaby squad members futures and Rev tells us his 2021 World XV.
Lie down on the couch, deep breathes, clear your mind and let's dig it all out!

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