47 | Redefining Success

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Normally when we talk about success we look at what we accomplished; what we did, what we didn’t do. But the truth is, you can accomplish big things and still not be happy with where you ended up. Maybe you met your 7-figure goal but you missed out on important family events, you stopped sleeping or eating well; you arrived at or maybe even surpassed your goal but you are exhausted and headed for burnout.

That’s what when we define what success looks like in our lives and in our businesses we need to be careful to measure not only what success is but how we are going to achieve it. Your journey is just as important as your results.

In Episode 47 of The Lean Out Your Business podcast, Host, Crista Grasso, walks you through four simple questions that will help you honestly review your accomplishments of your last 90 days, while simultaneously setting you up for true success in your next 90 days.

In today’s episode Crista discusses:

1:38 why you should be focused on the how

3:11 why success can’t be be solely measured in accomplishments

8:03 how to get your time back and stay focused on your zone of genius

10:06 why reflection is important if you want to achieve different results

11:22 the #1 reason to include your team in your reviews

11:45 a deep dive into the 4 questions that can help you redefine success

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