Episode 246: c2eMusic December 2021

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Great being able to get an early release out for the December podcast. It's just down to when the radio show falls and it doesn't make sense to wait till the next show which takes us into mid December so here we are.
This mix is quite different to your traditional c2eMusic mix. It doesn't have the usual flow, the changes in energy levels and styles. This bad boy is just ON from the very first beat. A strong upbeat energy runs the whole length.
It's almost all new tracks - purchased literally 15 minutes before the show - I know you've heard me say this many a time. It certainly makes for an adrenaline packed show as I have no idea what the tracks do, so trying to craft some kind of direction is a real challenge.
I'm really happy with the result - the energy makes it perfect for the gym or a long run. Whilst it is a little chunkier than a typical c2eMusic mix it still has that rich warmth, swagger to the beats and lushness. That's a non-negotiable!
This Monday 29th Nov will see the return of the Argie Bargy Cartel to House Nation Live. Looking forward to throwing some tunes down with Karl Prinzen my partner in crime. We always have a good laugh and enjoy crate digging and reminiscing. It's on the chunkier side but still very much accessible. You can find us on Facebook live and Mixcloud Live. I'm likely to stream on c2eMusic stream on Mixcloud.
Would love for you to join us. In the meantime play/download this beauty and let me know what you think.
1: Sweet Fruity Brunch - Tonton Engleburt
2: Kevin Yost - It's OK Now
3: DuBeats, Bondar - Pips In The Back
4: Colau - Dizzy
5: Envee - Brotherman Pt1 (Felipe Gordon Rework)
6: Gerd Jansen, Jaques Renault - Never Saw Never
7: Michael Watford, Jamie Lewis - For You (KOT Classic Mix)
8: Boogie Rapture - Into The Sun (Nathan G Shine on Dub)
9: B-S Concept - Colours
10: James Silk - Rhythm & Flow
11: Kiko Navarro - Dope High (OPOLOPO Tweak)
12: Heat Alliance - Save Me
13: Kink, Kei - Nagore
14: Frank Roger - Deeper
15: Bruverly Dubs - I Can't Do Without You
16: Frank Roger - Get It On
17: Disclosure - Observer Effect (DJ Kicks)
18: Swirl People - We Are (Saison Mix)
19: Teflone Dons, Gregory Porter - Tomorrow People (Phaze Dee Remix)
20: Marc Cotterell - 92 Grooves
21: Life On Planets, Taylor Bense - Glowstick (Soul Clap Remix)
22: Joey Negro pres Akabu - Ride The Storm (Roberto Rodriguez Calm Before The Storm Mix)

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