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Half string trio, half rock trio, The Living fuses epic rock and funk with violin fireworks and lush string textures, careening through genres with both bombast and eloquence. Originally meeting in classical music school, The Living is now comprised of some of Vancouver's best musicians who have recorded and performed with Sting, Kanye West, Mariah Carey, Rod Stewart, Michael Buble, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, 54-40, Marianas Trench, Bleeding Through, and XL the Band. The Living have played for crowds of thousands at festivals such as the Vancouver Jazz Festival and The Prog Sud music festival in Marseilles, France, and have opened for Canadian Icon, Bif Naked. In December 2021 The Living will release a brand new single, "Christmas Is Back", as an homage and thank you to COVID-19 frontline workers for making it possible to once again be with loved ones for the holidays.

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