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It’s STILL time to focus on the staff.

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In this episode, we continue to explore how summer camp leaders can help staff achieve their best possible experience as a leader at camp. 2020 had many camps in North America shut down and in 2021 as many camps adopted programs to align with public health guidelines, camp leaders struggled to find resources and keep staff for the entirety of the summer. With the 2021 season behind us, Beth and Gabrielle have their sights on the early phases to start prepping for summer 2022. Throughout the episode, our hosts explore things that camp leaders can do today to help prepare folks to apply to camp and be ready for the camp season.

One of the biggest lessons learned is that camp staff have a strong desire to feel supported. As leaders, we need to reshape our recruiting techniques and the way we prepare and develop our camp programs next summer in a way that puts both the mental and physical health of our employees as a priority. Prioritizing employees right from the recruiting phase helps to foster a foundation of trust, preparing staff for the challenges of camp as the summer approaches.

The lessons from this summer have created an opportunity for growth. Listen in on this episode to gain further insights from our camp pros!

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Best Practice for Leadership Training

From Beth Allison

During staff training, why not take the time to build a coping skills toolbox. It is not only good to teach coping skills, staff will realized that they need to cope. This is an idea from Baldwin County public schools in Alabama and they have PDF downloads available at Baldwin County Public Schools / Homepage ( A toolbox allows you to store a collection of healthy items when you are feeling stressed or anxiety to help you to build resilience. There are five tools within a coping toolbox:

  1. Self-soothing - what can you do to comfort yourself? Examples include a stress ball or your favourite photos.
  2. Distractions - Something that will take your mind off something. Examples include a puzzle, sudoku, knitting needles and yarn.
  3. Emotional Wellness - how can you express your feelings? Examples can be a journal or art supplies
  4. Mindfulness - Checking in with your mental state. Examples include a yoga matt, reflective prompting journals, serenity rocks
  5. Crisis plan - who at camp do you go to when your coping skills are not enough?


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