Find Your Soul’s Purpose: POWERFUL Steps for Discovering Who You Really Are with Janet Conner

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If you’ve ever wanted to discover who you are and why you are here, then do we have the Find Your Soul’s purpose show for you.

Today I’ll be speaking with Janet Conner, a deep soul-explorer, the host of the Unity Online Radio Show, and the bestselling author of Writing Down Your Soul, and her latest, Find Your Soul’s Purpose.

That is just what I want to talk with her about today, about discovering who you are, remembering why you are here, and living a life you love.

Find Your Soul’s Purpose Self-Improvement and Self-Help Topics Include:

  1. Has Janet always been into whales?
  2. How have the covers of each of her books come about?
  3. What was Janet’s path to spirituality?
  4. What happened to her one hot July afternoon in 1996?
  5. How did her life change just afterwards?
  6. What happened to Janet in 2011?
  7. Who is Sophia and how did she come into your life?
  8. What does it mean, our soul’s divine purpose is not a goal, and it’s not one thing?
  9. What does it mean, you can’t fail at this—living your soul purpose?
  10. What happened to her from an Akashic records reading at 36?
  11. What is the sacred spiral?
  12. What is soul writing?
  13. What are our soul stories?
  14. What happened with her son 3 years after he was born?
  15. What can we learn from Bruce Lipton and the Biology of Belief about children?
  16. How do we remember our soul’s divine purpose?
  17. What does it mean to contemplate a universal purpose in life?
  18. What does it mean to revisit and re-member our past?
  19. How do we live from our hearts?
  20. What guided meditation can we use to learn how to tap into the sacred spiral and discover our soul purpose?
  21. What’s the importance of meditation?
  22. What can we do to help our kids stay in a theta wave state?

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