Bon Jovi Talk Podcast - Chatting To Jerry Braden - Runaway Tours, 2020, Concerts & Becoming A Fan

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It's no secret to a lot of you that for a long time on Twitter, myself & Jerry didn't see eye to eye. The reason being, we are both such different fans. As time has gone on and things have changed in the world recently, it's actually made me and Jerry become quite good friends recently. Both had personal issues at home and whatever else and decided to put things to one side, unblock each other and we recorded a podcast.

This is something I wanted for a long time. I always knew I didn't want to argue with Jerry on here, the same way I don't with anyone who comes on. The problem with Twitter, you can't get your opinion across properly. Limited characters, it can come across the wrong way and just overall, it's not very good.

I wanted to do the podcast with Jerry for the reason stated above, we are so different. I am quite critical whereas Jerry praises the band. Who is the right fan? None of us. It's just an opinion and I think that this podcast shown that. We had a lot of fun, we spoke about a lot of topics and it's something I hope we can do again in the near future.

Thank you for coming on, Jerry. Enjoy guys!

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