Ep.208 December 8, 2021 - Where Do We Go From Here?

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December 7th is remembered each year for the attack on Pearl Harbor. December 8, 1941 was the response to the "date which will live in infamy." In this episode of The Scalpel, Dr. Rose considers that we are living in a PERIOD of infamy. What then is our response on December 8th, 2021? Text of President Roosevelt's speech - December 8, 1941 https://www.loc.gov/resource/afc1986022.afc1986022_ms2201/?st=text Video of President Roosevelt's speech - December 8, 1941 https://www.c-span.org/video/?419693-1/president-roosevelts-day-infamy-address-congress CONTACT THE SHOW Website: https://scalpeledge.com Email: KFR@scalpeledge.com Twitter: @TheScalpelEdge Instagram: @TheScalpelPodcast #TheScalpel #Infamy

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