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Red-Eye and Erratic Asthmatic are hungry again! Today we talk about some cooking videos as well as our own quick and easy recipes for a fast lunch that will keep your stomach occupied long enough to make the real meal that you are looking forward to devouring. Erratic's oily noodles and Red-Eye's lentil salad, while contrasting dishes, are both super quick and easy to make. Whether you feel like stuffing your face with carbs or gathering nutrients for the temple that is your body, food is amazing and will continue to be a crucial aspect of everyone's life.

Join us in our discussion! What are you favorite quick and easy meals? Do you like to watch cooking shows? If so, what is your favorite cooking show? How often do you get delivery versus cooking yourself? If you work or had worked in a restaurant in the past, would Gordon Ramsey himself approve of your kitchen's cleanliness and food? Let us know!

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