The Importance of Choosing the Right Wheels on the Hemmings Hot Rod BBQ Podcast

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It’s no secret that automobile enthusiasts are opinionated. We’ll comment on paint, interior and engine modifications, stance, and of course, wheels. The fact is, we all have different tastes, and while it’s sometimes out of character for us to disagree with some aspects of each other’s rides, there are times where we simply can’t help ourselves.

Wheels for instance, are one of the easiest modifications that you can do that completely change the appearance of your vehicle. Just remove the stock rollers, slap on a new set, and presto – new whip! But what if you get it wrong, what then? On this week’s episode of the Hemmings Hot Rod BBQ Podcast, host Mike Musto sits down with Hemmings own Terry Shea and Rob Einaudi, to talk about why researching the correct set of wheels for your vehicle is so

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