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Questions covered this week;

  • Can’t think of a proper one so who benches more, Nik or Ant? 🤔
  • How do you not sound like you are hard selling when getting leads from a class?
  • I know conversations are key, but practical ideas to not feel shady sliding into DMs? Just feel like I’m bothering people
  • Lady didn't show up to her pre-consult enquiry meeting (15 mins booked on zoom) as she 'had woken up late'. Should I let her book in another meeting due to poor reasoning? if not, how do i let her know this? thanks
  • How do we know what to pritortise and what not to prioritise?
  • What are the technical steps of streaming via zoom into a fb group? e.g. a client interview or having a guest Q&A then off the back of that how would you extract the audio for a podcast?
  • Semi private: I have a potential client looking to sign up but it is a bit expensive for her, she is down for the semi-private idea. How would I find someone to partner her up with? Should I ask my current clients, social media etc?
  • Got 2 new enquiries for 2-1 coaching session but have never done it before. What are the main considerations when doing a 2-1 session, in terms of structuring them and programming.
  • With your values, should they be one constant set of values that run through your business and personal life or should you have a separate set of values for your business?

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