The Simpson's/Skittle-Brau (w/Kristin Ungate)

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The Pop Culture Brews boys venture into Springfield to spend time with everyone's favourite family: The Simpson's. Joined by Uber-fan Kristin Ungate, owner of The Tabletop Tap (, they talk their favourite moments, quotes and the history of the show. We also figured out how to make Skittle-Brau

Skittle-Brau - 5 gallons

(90 min Mash, 90 Min Boil)


9lb German Pilsner

1lb American Crystal 10


0.5oz Cascade (90 mins)

0.5oz Cascade (10 mins)

Whirlfloc (5 mins)


American Ale Yeast

To create the different flavours of the Skittles we used Amoretti syrups, added to taste in our pints (


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