Radio Show #424: How to Understand Overwhelm and What To Do About It

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Special Guest: Jane Sunley: Founder of Purple Cubed Post-Pandemic overwhelm is real. The last two years have been a roller-coaster for everyone though employers now have to figure out how to support their businesses – and their people – to get back up to speed. Jane will share an overview of the many diagnostic interviews she’s been conducting, together with a rundown of how to understand overwhelm and what to do about it. Jane Sunley has founded/co-founded three successful businesses including Purple Cubed, a multi-award-winning consultancy and tech business, where we’ve helped countless many people-centric organisations become batter places to work. She’s also been instrumental in the success of several not-for-profit organisations, mostly helping disadvantaged people into meaningful work. As well as writing three business books and co-authoring a fourth, she is a trustee of The Oxford Cultural Collective, President of HR in Hospitality, a visiting fellow at two UK Universities and a previous Shine Ambassador of the Year and a Woman of the Year. Jane is currently enjoying writing her first novel. Join us as we discuss Post-Pandemic Overwhelm Listen Live (Archive Available) Host: Andy Goram

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