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Some great questions this week from the community;

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  • If you were to create a community group to encourage and educate women (30-45) to get into the gym, what would be the most important bits of support for you to provide to give the most value without spending too much time on it per week?
  • What 5things are important to share on social media outside marketing services ?
  • If I think my target market/audience is changing what do you think my first steps should be. I want to attract more female muscle building than fat loss. Should I ease into it with social media posts?
  • Morning Lead Gen activity quirky idea please!
  • How would you review the quality of your service?
  • As mentors, What are some of the main things you come across that PTs lack the most?
  • A client said they would come back to train with me in Jan, I messaged once but haven't heard back. How much should I follow up until I give up?
  • whats the best soft wear for schdueling content for socials
  • How often should you switch up your lead magnets? 🙂
  • What makes a great coach?
  • What would giving valuable for a check in look like and how best to present them, written, voice notes etc.

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